We are an innovation, design, and analytics consulting firm delivering human and business focused solutions based upon developed insights, opportunity identification, and innovative solutions.  Using proven new product development, project management, and analytic driven methodologies we distill solutions into commercial and industrial products.

New Product Development

Ingentor works with a diverse range of clients to create innovative products.  Our focus is new product innovation with an emphasis on challenging assignments.  We embrace difficult problems, becoming involved early and remaining engaged until solutions take hold.  We believe the secret to successful product development lies in strategic, forward focused thinking as well as efficient tactical execution.

Project Management

Using our strategic project management process, your design  is chosen from many aggregated potential solutions and developed into a practical and measurable solution.  Utilizing multi-industry project management, design, engineering, and analytics experience we bring order and purpose to the new product development process.


Future business opportunities begin with an understanding of behaviors, cultures, threats, and unmet user needs.  From ethnography to market research, we use structured methodologies, compelling questions, and a personalized approach in order to develop successful strategies and game-changing solutions unique to each clients needs.